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Am I kidding myself

Am I kidding myself
Photo by Bernadette Gatsby / Unsplash
“Am I kidding myself that I’m able to write a script again? Am I really just whistling Dixie? I wonder. If I don’t get down to it I’ll never really know. Why can’t I trust myself? Really that’s what it’s all about… that and not wanting to go through the agony of creation. AFTER ALL THESE YEARS IT’S JUST AS BAD AS EVER. I wonder if every creative artist goes through the tortures of the damned trying to create? Oh, well, the hour cometh and now IS when I’ve got to do it. GET TO IT, FRED. GET TO IT… But don’t let anybody ever tell anybody else that it was easy. It wasn’t.”~ Fred Rodgers

That's the beloved Fred Rodgers, writer and musician for all 900 episodes of Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood, talking to himself in a journal entry.

We all struggle with procrastination. Self-doubt. Especially when it comes to creative work.

It's never easy. But don't give up. Trust yourself.