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An easy life

An easy life
Photo by Ishan @seefromthesky / Unsplash

I sometimes catch myself wishing that my life was easier.

I have a part of me that seeks comfort. A part that wants an easy life.

"Why can't I just win the lottery?" I sometimes ask.

Or, "I wish I didn't have to worry about X, Y, and Z."

I bet you've asked the same questions too.

You have a part that wants to be secure. It doesn't want you to take risks. And it wants everything to go smoothly and just as planned.

And if that part of you doesn't get what it wants, it feels hurt.

But what's the fun in an easy life?

Plenty of people have an easy life, full of money and whatever else they desire. But they still feel unfulfilled.

There's a certain quality of richness that can only be found in a "hard" life.

A life of challenge and triumph. A life of joy and sorrow.

A life of not just dealing with the inevitable obstacles that will come your way. But transforming the very energy of an obstacle into a positive force that propels you higher.

Full of wonder. Full of love. Full of striving to express and become your best self, no matter what happens or what anyone else says.

Now that's a life worth living.