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Avoiding yourself

Avoiding yourself
Photo by Vince Fleming / Unsplash

In what ways do you avoid getting to know yourself?

You watch TV.

Browse social media or the news.

Maybe you drown yourself in work that you don't actually love.

How many hours a day do you spend time with other people, other ideas, other things?

How much time do you spend truly alone?

How much time do you spend getting to know your true self?

So drop everything in the outer and focus on the inner.

Get to know your darkest fears.

Often times, your fears lay hidden in the subconscious.

But you can shine the light of consciousness on them and expel them.

Realize your true potential.

When you look inside, you'll discover that everything you could ever want is right here, right now.

Heaven is really on Earth.

Remember, it's your life.

And you only have one of it.

So why not investigate, truly investigate, your experience of it?

What do you have to lose?

You have everything to gain.