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Connect and create

Connect and create
Photo by Jules D. / Unsplash

Do you connect and create?

Chances are, you spend a lot of your time not connecting or creating.

I'm definitely guilty of it.

You could binge watch the latest Netflix series.

You don't even have to talk to the person next to you while you immerse yourself in the world of big cat breeding or money laundering.

You could scroll through your social media and chuckle at funny quips or live vicariously through the highlight reels of others' lives.

Anything to distract you from your own life.

You could spend time and energy worrying. Stressing. Trying to solve some problem.

But you know, deep down, that every problem solved will only create more problems for your mind to worry about.

Or, you could connect.

You could connect with the people that mean the most to you.

You could connect with Mother Nature.

You could connect with the Divine.

You could also create.

You could create something valuable, through satisfying, hard work.

You could create something beautiful, just because inspiration struck.

You could create a life worth living, one moment of intentful awareness at a time.

Connect and create to experience the richness of the present moment.

Every moment or experience, no matter how simple, is given to us only in this moment.

You will never experience a moment like this one again.