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Photo by Yeshi Kangrang / Unsplash

We love to control.

We love to problem solve.

We love to believe that we

with our big brains and their thoughts and ideas

can control our world.

So we worry.

We spend a lot of mental and physical energy

to do all that we can to make sure that everything

is just the way

our big brain wants.

What if we could actually control everything?

We want something to be a certain way.

So we make it so.

We want something else to be a different way.

So we make it so.

We predict that our actions X, Y, and Z will result in the world that we want.

So we do actions X, Y, and Z.

And the world becomes the way we want.

Now wouldn't that be really boring?

Do you actually want that predictable of a world?

Aren't you glad that, despite your best efforts,

life brings you on a journey

of unexpected and surprising adventures?