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Digging for gold

Digging for gold
Photo by Christopher Campbell / Unsplash

How do you dig for gold?

Maybe you start digging somewhere with your axe.

You don't find anything at first.

So you try different locations.

Then one day, you find some flecks of gold!

But then you say, "No one gets rich from some gold flecks."

So, you move onto other locations.

You leave that whisper of an opportunity behind.

And look elsewhere.

After a while, you have a bunch of shallow holes all over the place.

Most with just dirt in them.

A few with a couple flecks of gold.

But that's it.


Maybe you take a different approach.

When you find those tiny and few flecks of gold, you get curious.

"Why are these gold flecks here, and not elsewhere?"

You stay near where the gold flecks are.

You listen to the whisper of opportunity.

And you keep digging.

Your hole gets bigger.


It's hard, thankless work sometimes.

But you follow the signs.

And you've gotten pretty good at digging.

Soon, you discover more gold flecks.

Then eventually, larger gold pieces.

Turns out those initial gold flecks were a sign of more gold nearby.

All you had to do was step towards a whisper of an opportunity that you almost missed.

All you had to do was follow, and not turn away from, the signs.

And keep digging.