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Don't give up

Don't give up
Photo by Nicola Pavan / Unsplash

You may decide to go down one path over another.

But right after you pick a path, the path gets harder.

It always does.

Then, doubt creeps in.

Like clockwork.

"Did I pick the right path? What if I picked the wrong one?"

You could decide to give into your doubt.

Maybe the doubt stops you in your tracks.

And you just stand there.

Paralyzed by your fear.

Or you decide to backtrack and go back to where you started.

"I'm scared. I want to go back to safety and comfort."

There's another way though.

You could decide to keep moving forward.

To push forward but to also make adjustments along your journey.

Despite your doubt.

Despite the obstacles in your way.

Because you have faith that that you'll find a way.

As long as you keep following your North Star.

And don't give up.