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Everything in life is an experiment

Everything in life is an experiment
Photo by Danny Lines / Unsplash

Do you treat everything in life as an experiment?

Where every action, big or small, tells you something valuable about the currently unknown future.

Where every step forward shines a light on the darkness of your inexperience.

Because of your experiment, things could go the way you want.

Or things could go in a completely different direction than what you expected.

A happy little accident, as Bob Ross says.

You're not attached to one particular outcome.

Attachment only brings doubt, fear, and regret.

Because then you stress and worry and miss out on the beautiful experiences that pass you by.

You're open to whatever the actual outcome may be.

All you care about is doing your best, and running experiments that make sense for you.

You move forward with a vision.

But also a detachment from how exactly you'll get there.

Your experiments will show you the way.

Either way, you know you did your best.

And no matter what happens, you'll learn.