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False promises

False promises
Photo by Natalya Zaritskaya / Unsplash

You've probably made some false promises in your life.

"I'll go to your birthday party... actually, something came up"

"I'll return this library book... forget it, too lazy"

But the most insidious false promise is one that everyone makes.

And you make it throughout the day, without even realizing it.

You make it to yourself.

You make the false promise to yourself that

after you achieve some goal,

after you make more money, after you reach a certain milestone in life,

that you'll let yourself relax,

that you'll finally let yourself be happy, in the present moment.

Don't get me wrong, goals are important. Stay healthy. Provide for yourself and your loved ones.

But with most of your goals, and for most of your life, you're really just looking for ways to arrive at a satisfying present.

A now in which you can be happy.

Realize though, that the now is always here with you.

Promise yourself happiness now, instead of promising yourself happiness later.

Because later never comes.

Until it's too late.