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Feeling awe

Do you remember the feeling of awe?

That feeling you get when you experience something magnificent.

Like seeing the vast Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon, USA
Photo by Omer Nezih Gerek / Unsplash

Or gazing at the Northern Lights against a sky full of stars.

The northern lights in a freezing March night in Ylläsjarvi, a small village in the Finnish Lapland. The northern lights are the most beautiful, awe inspiring and amazing thing in nature.
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Photo by Lucas Marcomini / Unsplash

Awe can give you goose bumps. Or waves of "chills" or "energy" through your body.

Awe is like an emotional cocktail of reverence, wonder, inspiration, and even gratitude.

But you don't have to visit some special natural scenery to feel awe.

The awe-inspiring beauty of natural creation is right in front of you.

Every day.

The warm sun shining on your skin.

The cool and refreshing feel of quenching your thirst with water.

The sight of your loved one's smile.

Really, any experience of being alive.

Anything that you can taste. Touch. See. Smell. Listen to.

And even all that you can feel.

The whole range of emotions.

And out of trillions and trillions of potential DNA combinations and potential events,

you came into this world.

You were given this momentary, temporary, fleeting gift.

The gift of being able to live life fully.

Isn't that just awesome?