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Hidden voices

Hidden voices
Photo by Andre Benz / Unsplash

Your mind is restless.

Everyone's is, if you pay attention to it.

Your mind zooms this way and that.

Thoughts seem to appear out of nowhere.

And then you start thinking more thoughts about those thoughts.

But what happens when you slow down?

When you take a few deep breaths.

When you close your eyes.

And really pay attention to what's going on.

Not what's going on out there.

But in here.

You notice your breathing.

And how the breath feels in different parts of your body.

You notice the restlessness of your mind.

But after a while of just sitting still, your mind starts following suit.

Your mind gets quiet.

It calms down.

And out of that peace, something emerges.

A soft voice.

A faint image.

An intuition.

It's coming from somewhere unknowable.

Somewhere deep.

But it knows something that we don't.

Listen to that intuition.

Take into account what it says.