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I met my warrior

I met my warrior
Photo by Xuan Nguyen / Unsplash

I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't fall back asleep.


So, I decided to pay my subconscious a visit.

I met my worrier again this time.

There he was, just sitting there, with his mind racing with possibilities.

But suddenly, he morphed into something else.

A samurai.

A warrior.

My warrior had black armor with white polka dots. He also wore a translucent white featherweight silk shawl around his neck and over his armor.

"What are you looking for?" I asked.

He was practicing tai chi. He pushed the air to and fro. Sometimes moving his limbs quickly, sometimes slowly.

But always with rhythm and flow.

His featherweight silk shawl bobbed in the air with every movement.

"I'm just trying to do what's best for you and your family," he finally responded.

"See how I flow? Like water, no matter what obstacle stands in my way, I find a way to go where I need to. There's always a way, and often times many. I take the one I need to without effort."

"You're like my worrier, aren't you?"

I realized that both my worrier and my warrior thrived on the creative potential of the moment. They are always very aware of all the possibilities that the present moment can unfold into. "I could go this way. Or I could go that way."

But one tends to try and think his way through the possibilities, often frantically. Whereas the other one goes with the flow and somehow ends up doing exactly what he need to.

"When forces attack, all I need is a few quick, skillful strikes with my sword to slay them with ease." He proceeded to demonstrate his lethality against some dark shapeless shadows that came after him.

"It takes practice to get to this level of skill, but you have everything you need already. Everyone does."

I had a feeling he wasn't talking about any sort of outer, physical skill. But some sort of inner, mental one.

"I need your help, warrior. Let's work on this way of being, together."

After a few short moments, I fell fast asleep.