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I'm committing to writing one blog post a day

I'm committing to writing one blog post a day

I decided to write one blog post a day in the new year. To try it out for 365 days.

I enjoy writing but I always feel like I want to write (and publish) more. I figured a daily habit of writing, however small, would help me get better at writing but also expressing myself.

Taking a page out of Atomic Habits, my plan to maximize the chances of this habit sticking is:

  1. Make it obvious - I look at my phone at least once a day. So I overlayed some text onto my iPhone wallpaper to remind me to write.
  2. Make it attractive - I do a light daily reflection at the end of the day already so coupling this writing habit with that will make it more attractive to me to do. Plus I can write about whatever comes up during my reflection.
  3. Make it easy - While my goal is to write every day, my bar is to write at least one sentence. Just one. Which can be two words long like that one. And about anything. No need to edit if I don't want to. No need to share the post if I don't want to (though I will for this first one for accountability). Just publish. Low stakes, low pressure.
  4. Make it satisfying - Writing and publishing is satisfying for me in and of itself. But I also like checking things off (who doesn't) so I made a simple habit tracker for my writing habit.

See you tomorrow.