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It's ok to listen

It's ok to listen
Photo by Connor McSheffrey / Unsplash

It's ok to listen to that voice inside.

But too often, you don't.

It's hard to listen.

Instant communication allows

News, drama, and the agendas of others

To all compete for your attention.

Technology at your fingertips

Makes it easy to get distracted by that shiny new thing

And get what you want


No wonder you can't hear that voice inside.

You try to plan your path

You try to predict the future

But you still can't quite figure it out.

Try to become still.

Listen to the voice telling you that something's missing.

Stay still.

The voice leads you in a slightly different direction.


You sense that there's great potential.

You can't quite put your finger on what it is exactly though.

That's ok.

You don't need to justify your intuition with reason.

The greatest achievements in life are often surprising.

Listen to that voice guide you to abundance.

And trust it.