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Photo by Peggy Anke / Unsplash

In life, you juggle the different areas of life.

You juggle career, relationships, family, and health.

Maybe you have a few more balls that you juggle.

But not too many, or the juggling gets difficult.

As you move through life, some balls may be on their way up, infused with energy and momentum.

Other balls may be on their way down.

Your goal is to keep the balls up in the air, catching the ones that come down and throwing them back up again.

And to not let any fall to the ground.

If you focus too much on one ball, the others fall.

And some can be harder than others to pick back up after they fall.

But jugglers know that the throw is more important than the catch.

The catching actually easier with a good throw.

If you throw the ball up in the right way, with the right energy... if you take care of the throw, the catch takes care of itself.

And besides, what's the fun in just focusing on one thing.

When you can juggle your way through life.