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On quicksand

On quicksand
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash

Have you ever stepped in quicksand?

Where your foot sinks into some innocent looking splotch of sand but NO it's not sand, but QUICKSAND. Every child's imaginary play-scenario, come true.

The sand won't let your foot go. You're stuck. You try to pull your foot out but every attempt only makes makes the sand grab on harder. Just your luck. You stepped in some quicksand and now it stopped you in your tracks. You can't move forward at all. No one is around you to help. Is there anything you can do?

Maybe you accept your fate. You give up. Then you starve to death (actually, you'll die of thirst first). RIP SANDY, DOOMED TO QUICKSAND.

Or maybe you realize that you are the reason the quicksand entraps you. Your force of fighting against it makes the quicksand more difficult to escape from.

So you decide to reduce your force on it. To not fight it. But to still do something about your situation.

You lay your body flat along the ground's surface. Doing this distributes the weight of your body away from your foot. As you let go of your force, the quicksand lets go of you. You're free.