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Photo by MI PHAM / Unsplash

How would you live

if you knew that all your problems were already resolved?

You'd be carefree.

Full of joy and happiness.


Fully at peace.

Why don't you live that way?

Because you think your problems will be solved by events outside of yourself.

And your mind does its best to make these external events happen.

With effort. Struggle.


But what seems like a "problem" is only that way because your mind sees it that way.

Your mind wants something out there to happen so that it can feel safe.

Another mind may not see it as a problem.

Another mind may not care at all.

Another mind knows that everything will work out.

It knows that the only reason why "problems" arise

is because the mind chains its wellbeing to something external.

Is that loss of freedom worth it?

It also knows that feelings of love, joy, and gratitude

can all be felt right now, no matter what's happening out there.

It can just be as if all "problems" were already resolved.

And they will be.

One way or another.