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Photo by Christopher Sardegna / Unsplash

Billions of years ago, something special happened on planet Earth.

Single cellular organisms appeared.

They evolved over billions of years to create the diversity of life, including the human species, we see today.

And we humans have made tremendous technological progress.

We discovered fire. We landed on the moon. We created the internet.

And while we make this progress, we impact each other and our environment in unimaginable ways.

Global war. Global warming. And suffering for ourselves and the beings around us.

But, we're still part of Nature.

Aren't we just a network of trillions of cells, all working together?

More importantly, some of those cells have arranged themselves to create a brain.

A mind.

We are Nature that is aware of itself.

That makes us special.

That awareness means we can make choices.

So my question to you is: what kind of choice will you make?

How will you help humanity, and life itself, make progress?

Will you take the path of competition, selfishness, and division?

Or will you take the path of inclusivity, generosity, and unity?

What will your next step be?