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Photo by Antonio Gabola / Unsplash

It's been a long few weeks.

I feel exhausted.

I tried not to let stress get to me.

But sometimes, it did.

I wonder how much of my life I spend on stress and worry.

Being in my head about the past or future.

And trying to control my reality.

Instead of experiencing the moment that I'm in.

I remember that the moment always contains a deep richness, if I look for it.

Meditating, watching the sun set, and pure moments with family and friends all remind me of this richness.

Or watching a candle light dance in the darkness.

Even the pain of a cold morning shower reminds me of this richness.

This richness brings with it a feeling that no matter what's happening out there, everything is ok.

That everything is perfect just the way it is, right now.

That true wellbeing can be found, right now.

Those are the simple but deep moments I will wish for, when all is said and done.

I feel exhausted by how much I've tried to control, by how much I've tried to exert my force to influence the future.

Now, I have a chance to rest.

Tomorrow brings a new day.