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Science of yourself

Science of yourself
Photo by Joel Filipe / Unsplash

Humans love to spend time on the science of objects.

Physics. Biology. Neuroscience.

It's all the science of "what's out there".

Someone observes something else.

And then they measure the observed.

Its size.

Its weight.

And any other attributes.

Observing something far away? Astronomy.

Observing something really close? Quantum physics.

But always observing at some distance.

What if, instead of observing something else, at some distance

you observed what was at zero distance?

The very thing that is doing all the observing?

The thing that can also just be.



That thing at zero distance from yourself?

It's your true self.

It's the core underneath all the layers of the onion.

What is it like?

How big or small is it?

Can size and any other attributes even be measured for it?

You may find that words fail to describe what you discover at zero distance.

Yet, you experience what it's like to be you, every day.

You know it to be true.

You can't put the experience into words though.

It feels ineffable.

The greatest wonders of the universe often are.

Study what it's like to be you at zero distance.

This is the science of yourself.

And it is just as valid as the science of objects.