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Stepping stones

Stepping stones
Photo by Joel Cross / Unsplash

Life is like jumping from stepping stone to stepping stone

while you're in the middle of a lake.

You started from one shore.

Now, you're on your way to get to the other.

It's a foggy lake though.

The fog shrouds the area behind and in front of you.

You're not sure where the next stepping stone will take you.

But, you have hunches.

An intuition, perhaps.

And as you jump from stone to stone

you come across forks in the path.

You see one stone in front of you that goes one way.

And another one that goes a slightly different direction.

Which one do you pick?

You'll never know the "right" answer before you take the leap.

When the fog clears a little

and you see the next stepping few stones in front of you.

Sometimes, the stones lead you backwards.

Sometimes, the stones lead to a dead end.

If you fixate on a single goal, you might feel stuck by where the stepping stones take you.

So, let go of your goal, even if just for a little bit.

Seek the novelty of new stepping stones and new paths.

Becomes sometimes

the stones lead you somewhere you never could have imagined.