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Sweet pain

Sweet pain
Photo by averie woodard / Unsplash

Pain hurts.

Pain sucks.

You might spend a lot of your life trying to avoid pain.

You try to avoid certain topics. Certain people.

You avoid doing uncomfortable things.

Some event happens, out there.

And for one reason or another, it hurts you, in here.

But pain is necessary.

Pain precedes growth.

No pain, no gain, as they say.

You don't do bigger things in your life without pushing beyond your comfort zone.

Without enduring temporary pain.

Pain makes the ultimate success all the more satisfying.

When you look back and marvel at the challenges that you overcame

When you know that you did your best despite the pain

You realize that what you have now was all worth it.

Pain creates beauty.

"Behind every beautiful thing, there's some kind of pain," Bob Dylan once said.

Pain inspires you to create a better world for yourself and for others.

Pain can even be sweet.

When you see it as the gift that it is.

Because every moment of pain contains a gem.

A gem of opportunity for growth and beauty.

These are the types of gems that if collected, will lead to a rich life.