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Trying too hard

Trying too hard
Photo by Jarritos Mexican Soda / Unsplash

What's the difference between one of these popsicles:

And one of these:

One is mass produced. Colored and shaped in a "fun" way to seem enticing. It even declares itself to the world as being "real" (IN ALL CAPS), which just hides the fact that it is actually still mostly high fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring. You can just imagine the creation of this product taking place with some corporate marketers sitting around a conference table, watching a PowerPoint presentation about how this new line of popsicle minimizes production costs while maximizing appeal for the overworked-mom and unknowing-child segments.

The other is crafted. Handmade with different fruits and juices, and love. Created by someone or a small business who wants to share their excitement for popsicles. Each one unique, with imperfections in its shape and even coloring. Each popsicle is probably priced at a premium too, but there's a limited number of them. The creator knows that they're not for everyone. But someone out there will enjoy and appreciate the delicious treat and the almost artistic experience that comes with it.