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The Question

The Question
Photo by Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

"What is the meaning of life?"

It's the question that can never be truly answered.

Yet you probably still ask it.

What if you lived forever?

Never died?

Would you still ask that question?

Perhaps. But it feels like something is lost when the specter of death disappears.

As if you were put on this Earth to experience just a tiny slice of existence

for some reason.

Before you leave forever.

What if someone else gave you a meaning?

Would that satisfy your answer to the question "what is the meaning of life"?

And if so, would you live life by this externally provided meaning?

Probably not.

Where's the fun in following someone else blindly?

The truth is

you find your own meaning to life.

You can believe that life

has no meaning.

That you have no true purpose

for existing at all.


You can believe that life is

to be enjoyed

to be savored

to be used in service of something greater than yourself.

You choose the answer to your own question.

Like most things in life

only you can give yourself

the true answers to your own questions.