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Threat mode, challenge mode

Threat mode, challenge mode
Photo by Jukan Tateisi / Unsplash

When you face an obstacle, when something stressful happens, do you go into threat mode, or challenge mode?

When you enter threat mode, your heart starts racing.

Your palms get sweaty.

And then you start thinking, "how am I going to deal with this?"

Doubt sets in. Your mind spirals down a path of negative thoughts.

You make a decision based on fear or anger.

Or you give up.

Or you don't even try at all.

But most of what you'll deal with in life isn't truly life-threatening.

Then, you have the power to step out of threat mode and into challenge mode.

When you believe, truly believe, that you have the inner strength to deal with any potential stressor.

And overcome any potential obstacle.

Because then, you stop overreacting to what your mind thinks are threats.

And start seeing them as challenges.

The fear that holds you back dissipates.

And what's left after that fear?

Freedom to strive for what you think is worth striving for.