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You are what you consume

You are what you consume
Photo by Josh Hild / Unsplash

"You are what you eat," people say.

Eat natural, whole foods ("mostly plants, not too much"), and you'll improve your physical health.

Eat Taco Bell and drink Coke all the time, and you'll feel like shit.

What you eat fuels your body.

But what about your mind?

Someone compliments you, and your day is made.

You see someone's perfect life on social media, and you feel disappointed about your own.

You read something empowering, and you feel inspired to take control of your life.

Everything you perceive—what you see, what you hear—influences how you think.

And how you think influences how you behave.

And thus how your life unfolds.

You are what you consume.

Be selective about what you put into your body, and what you put into your mind.