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Your family

Your family
Photo by Patrick Hendry / Unsplash

Who do you consider your family?

Your partner. Your children. Your parents. Your siblings. Your relatives (most of them anyways).

Maybe some close friends?

But not acquaintances. You met a random dude at a business networking event (pre-COVID) while drinking wine from a plastic cup. How could he be family?

Definitely not strangers. That homeless woman you passed by asking you for change isn't family. Right?

Why are your children considered family, but not strangers?

Is it about being blood related? Or the amount of time you spend with someone?

Maybe it's about loving someone.

When you love a family member, you genuinely want them to be happy. You want what's best for them. And you're truly happy for them when you see them happy.

You can reserve that gift for a select few that you encounter in life. You can hoard your love like a miser.

Maybe you're afraid you'll run out.

You're afraid of what could happen if you let it all out.

Of what could happen if you share your love–or at the very least kindness and compassion–with everyone you meet.

Under the heavens, there is but one family. ~ Bruce Lee