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Your last week on Earth

Your last week on Earth
Photo by Kaushik Panchal / Unsplash

What if it was your last week on Earth?

How would you live life differently?

You'd probably live life pretty differently.

When something becomes scarce, it becomes more valuable.

If you only had one week left, maybe you'd want to check some things off your bucket list.

Go to Hawaii.

Try skydiving.

Hike Mt. Everest even.

You'll probably realize though, as you climb to the peak, that having these experiences isn't enough.

That there will always be more peaks to climb.

Because while you chase certain experiences, you waste the experience right in front of you.

You'd probably wish that you spent your last few days with your loved ones.

Sharing tender moments and touching stories.

Eating your favorite foods with them without a care in the world.

And asking them to forgive you for how poorly you may have treated them in the past.

You'd want to soak up the natural beauty around you, one last time.

Feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin.

Or singing and dancing in the rain.

One last time.

Before your last breath, you realize that it's not about getting something from life.

But about giving life your all

in all the moments that you had the opportunity to do so.