What I'm doing now

"Think of what you’d tell a friend you hadn’t seen in a year... what are you up to these days?" ~ Derek Sivers

I live in the New York Metro Area with my wife and cat, who inspire me every day (yes, there's a lot we can learn from cats...).  

I'm creating software that helps people better understand the world and themselves. I believe that our tools, which includes software, should not only help us do, but also help us understand: better understand the world, ourselves, and others. When you understand differently, you act differently. And when you act differently, the world changes.

I'm currently focused on software that helps people read better, SwiftRead.

I enjoy working out every day in my home gym, alternating between strength and cardio workouts. Nothing too intense: otherwise it becomes a chore, instead of something fun.

I'm always reading something: I would love to hear your book recommendations! You can see mine on my Goodreads. My current reading "stack": iPad, Apple Pencil, Books app, Notability app and their Cornell Notes template, split view.